Friday, October 8, 2010

I miss my blog.

salam to all. (anyone who are visiting my blog, if ada la..huhuh)
long long time tak update blog. when i have plenty of ---err (something about i want to share la..), i have no time.but now, i just-- know, blur..dont know what to do, hurm,wasting time. so..i just 'mekap2' my blog to make it a little bit cute. huhu actually i have bunch of assignment, task and so on. huh, it make me sick. herm..sigh sigh sigh sigh and sigh again. Astaghfirullah..
Ahah, just now i just finished my drawing. Hahahaa i think n
ot too bad.. here we go..hehe-

sekadar mencuba..

ana: erk..erk..broken english..huhuh tunjuk ajarku sifu!

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