Friday, March 15, 2013

The Hope

15th March 2013

Its Friday, March, 15th. And tomorrow is the very welcome date. why?

   1) On 16th March, There will be Himpunan Ulama' at Perak
   2) My flight to Kota Kinabalu is on 16th March 2013
   3) Reunion Bulatan Gumbira

I really want to join Himpunan Ulama' and our Bulatan Gembira's reunion, but the priority goes to My Hometown. huhu.
It's been so long since I kept this feeling..

So sad, I can't cancel or change my flight ticket.. (my friend offer to buy a new ticket for me), but..the truth is I just give them (my parents) the hope. The hope that I will be at KKIA on 11am tomorrow. The hope that they will see me tomorrow, and they prepared a schedule just to meet me tomorrow. I'll not disappoint them.

Really really really sorry. May Allah bless you all, may Allah ease all the program's plans. We'll meet again soon..sooooooon, with His permission. :)


My flight departure: 8.30am, at KLIA
I have many luggage. haha. about 2 bags, goes to cargo and another two bags (back pack) as the hand baggage. Ahah, I think the total weight almost 40kg. And for sure i will be charged for the excess weight. hahaha. (they just give 30kg - free)
Never mind, as long as I can FLY. (I need to make adjustment - reduce weight!) -.-

just check-in

fbh: Goodbye everyone.. :)